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I have never had a Rockwell person come out to my site for support.
If the company invests effort in OSS, it really doesn't change anything except their bottom line.
Yes, but when you are building a compressed air economizer or some other low point count app you won't get the work if you propose a 2k PLC.Among them 2 0days: DoS for Moxa tool and buffer overflow exploit for Schnider Electric Web Designer.I can use Linux or several others which are free, or I may purchase Windows or others which have a cost attached.Does anyone have the word on this?Aside from the features, there is no reason you should have to purchase separate software to communicate with your controllers after having already been raped on the price of programming blizzard wow patch 3.0.2 software.Add several generations of hardware with corresponding incompatible software to the mix, and you have multiplied to cost as well.I can, though, advise to seek out specialty suppliers for special apps.And uC can be bought from the original manufacturer and you can choose NOT from China.Automation directly connected with the hell of maintainability.
I find saying "Yes, I can do that" sells better than "This is what I can do and you'll have to adapt all the other stuff to it".
I s these are all part of my definition of total costs.
A further point I feel compelled to address is that charging separately for the development software avoids "burdening" the hardware with this cost.
It occurs on different levels so that even if I designed and built the machine, if I used packaged systems, I still have that problem.Ideally, the substitutions would be done without the program trying to understand the actual drawing contents, except for re-writing the wire numbers and device names.Having RSLogix work with all would generate a lot more enthusiasm than having say, Step 7 as the one.Why did we put the first PLC in our plant?As far as China goes, don't kid yourself there are alot of high quality board shops over there.Many people would also exclude training costs, as long as the amount of training required for either one is broadly similar (because training may be subject to a fixed annual budget anyway, or for other reasons).Several years ago I cut approximately 15 off the cycle time of a set of machines by replacing one large PLC with several smaller ones (one per machine).I can just imagine the snickering developers, when entering their library password rc3sexpert.MG: The third point to consider is the overhead costs of purchasing and tracking software licenses.Most lab rats of the day knew gpib and basic or Pascal, at was the way you did things.