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Example of user manual for system

example of user manual for system

Function: make-weak-pointer sb-ext object Allocate and return a weak pointer which points to object.
Next: Handling of Types, Up: Compiler.1 Diagnostic Messages Next: Diagnostic Severity, Up: Diagnostic Messages.1.1 Controlling Verbosity The compiler can be quite verbose in its diagnostic reporting, rather more then some terraria inventory editor v1.1.2 users would prefer the amount of noise emitted can be controlled, however.This port was in some ways the most cobbled-together of all the cmucl ports, since a number of strange changes had to be made to support the register-poor x86 architecture.Class: inet-socket sb-bsd-sockets Class precedence list: inet-socket, socket, standard-object, t Class representing tcp and udp over IPv4 sockets.If the actual source appears in the explanation, then we print the next enclosing evaluated form, instead of printing the actual source twice.Function: thread-name sb-thread instance Name of the thread.Default is 5 of the dynamic space size divided by the number of non-nursery generations.Future work for sbcl includes honda gx generator owners manual expanding this hierarchy of types to allow more fine-grained control over emission of diagnostic messages.Gid initarg: :gid; reader: sb-posix:stat-gid Group id of file.Function: sb-ext package-designator Returns a list of packages which have a local nickname for the designated package.lose-on-corruption There are some dangerous low level errors (for instance, control stack exhausted, memory fault) that (or whose handlers) can corrupt the image.
7.4.3 Introspection and Tuning Variable: *gc-run-time* sb-ext Total cpu time spent doing garbage collection (as reported by get-internal-run-time.) Initialized to zero on startup.
If the mutex isn't acquired successfully due to either wait-p or timeout, the body is not executed, and with-recursive-lock returns nil.
Hash tables can also have weak keys and values: see Hash Table Extensions.
Keep in mind that when the compiler displays a source form in an diagnostic message, it always displays the most specific (innermost) responsible form.
The asdf( t/asdf ) component type grovel-constants-file has its perform operation defined to write out a C source file, compile it, and run.
The commit message should start with a separate line with a brief summary of the change, starting with the name of the affected package.The default method uses medieval strategy games for pc stream-read-char-no-hang and stream-unread-char.If a background thread enters the debugger, selecting any restart will put it back into the background before it resumes.Toplevel functions should always provide an abort restart: otherwise code they call will run without one.Passwd initarg: :passwd; reader: sb-posix:passwd-passwd; writer: (setf sb-posix:passwd-passwd) The account's encrypted password.For example, this call is illegal: (my-1 ( 4 5) This call is illegal because the argument to the macro is ( 4 5 which is a list, not a fixnum.Attach gdb: gdb -p pidof sbcl and get backtraces for all threads: thread apply all.pty Either t, nil, or a stream.16.1.3 Credits Allegro CL is a registered trademark of Franz Inc.