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Flight crew irs system manual

flight crew irs system manual

However, due to the combination of that message being similar to one displayed during routine alignment of the inertial reference system, and the captains understanding that the same alignment-related message may be displayed twice, the error was not identified.
Apart from crosschecking the primary heading indicators, and in rare emergency procedures, the standby compass is rarely referenced by the flight crew.
In rose NAV mode, what does a continuous green line indicate?
When both FDs engaged, how is it shown on repair spider cracks boat gel coat FMA in 5th col?A triple click sounds.What are the conditions in which NAV mode will engage?When will A-floor" be annunciated?The FO stated that the absence of an ecam or status indication hindered their ability to locate a checklist in the QRH that offered a resolution to the situation.
Shortly after the FO engaged the autopilot, the captain took over the flying and ATC communication duties.
Mag (True) bearing depending on cisco spa-303 deskphone manual the pilot selection, from aircraft position to the TO WPT andassociated distance.
The SRS law maintains the current speed at Go-around engagement, or vapp, whichever is vertheless, the SRS speed target is limited to VLS15 kt, in an engine-out configuration.
If thrust levers are brought to idle when A/THR was active, what happens?
The expression few indicates that up to a quarter of the sky was covered).At least config 1 is required for this function to be available.In addition, LOC and glide scales flash on the PFD.Name the AP/FD pitch modes in which A/THR maintain THR CLB Mode?The purpose of the ground speed mini function is to take advantage of the aircraft inertia whenthe wind conditions vary during the approach.Simple lateral flight calculating systems are suitable for such cases.What indications will appear if you disconnect AP intentionally by pressing AP p/b on FCU?As a result, they are more likely to become aware of an error or discrepancy as their attention is directed toward comparing the indications.Can you change cost index on descent Page?B) mcdu menu : Indicates that the flight crew should call up a peripheral linked to the mcdu (such as acars, atsu or cfds).Flight recorder data indicated that the maximum recorded speed was 185 kt for 1 second, while in this configuration and the post-flight report did not record any airspeed exceedances during any phase of the flight (The post-flight report was an electronic report that the aircraft.The flight crew can update the fmgc position via the update AT" fieldbyentering either the ident of a waypoint, a navaid, anairport, a latitude and longitude, or a place/bearing/distance, or aplace-bearing/place-bearing.