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Wcf file to client

wcf file to client

Implementation: Web Server, create a new web site project.
Explanation, to transfer large files using WCF service http, we can use the following types of bindings: wsHttpBinding basicHttpBinding, in wsHttpBinding, we can set the transfermode attribute as Buffered, but there is a disadvantage in using this approach for large files, because it needs.
Xml fileStream new thenticationKey, aoe 3 vista patch fileStream byte buffer new byte2048; int bytesRead ad(buffer, 0, 2048 while (bytesRead gt; 0) fileStream.
This is a workaround to fix a problem I was having with streams being left open.Alternatively, in VS 2008 SP1, you can use the "WCF Service Configuration Editor" - see it in "Tools WCF Service Configuration Editor".It seems like a little bit of a hack, but I scratched my head trying to find a solution to this, and this is the best thing I could come up with.I recently had to write some code to perform an upload to a WCF service, and there was a chance that the files could be a touch on the large side so streaming seemed like the best option.Onfig file to accept large file?xml version"1.0" encoding"utf-8"?Length while (bytesRead 0) / Verify that the client is connected.You need to start by defining some message contracts for your upload / download.Flush ose tFileName(leName OK so now we have a file upload method, download method, and the required contracts we need."Successful MoveToFailedFolder(e else if (File.Null) new Logger.Create(me, w, sponseStatus, ssage else new Logger.Create(me, w, "Error ssage Finally you need to steup the config file of the receiver?xml version"1.0" encoding"utf-8"?
Use an nfig like this (when you use "Add Service Reference" from Visual Studio, VS will typically create this for you automatically - and you just need to tweak it to your needs configuration rviceModel bindings basicHttpBinding binding name"UserNameSecurity" security mode"Message" message /security /binding /basicHttpBinding.
Length; leByteStream stream; catch (Exception ex) return result; public void UploadFile(RemoteFileInfo request) FileStream targetStream null; Stream sourceStream leByteStream; string uploadFolder C:upload string filePath mbine(uploadFolder, leName using (targetStream new FileStream(filePath, eate, FileAccess.
Write(buffer, 0, 2048 bytesRead ad(buffer, 0, 2048 catch throw; finally if (fileStream!
Write(buffer, 0, bufferSize bytesRead ad(buffer, 0, bufferSize catch (IOException ex) throw new new FaultReason(ssage finally if (fileStream!
binding name"TransferService" maxReceivedMessageSize" " maxBufferSize" " transferMode"Streamed" reade"s maxDepth" " maxStringContentLength" " maxArrayLength" " maxBytesPerRead" " maxNameTableCharCount" A word about my experiences here: I have used the above settings alone and received the error 400 bad request from the WCF service on the browser.
This Article trying solve this issue using WCF and TCP and streaming, in this artical will build the client and server at the end we will be able to send 75 MB file in less then 12 seconds.
Write(buffer, 0, count ose ose Settings of nfig in the WCF Service.Null) ose using (ResearchServiceClient client tResearchServiceClient stream fileStream null; thenticationKey, metaData, out fileStream Stream outputStream null; try outputStream new byte buffer new byte2048; int bytesRead ad(buffer, 0, 2048 while (bytesRead gt; 0) outputStream.If you select a large file to be uploaded, you will see a blank webpage.Now one can download and upload large files (I have tested up to 1GB) from an IE6 browser over http to a WCF service.Null) if (!leName) if (ntent!null) return new FileTransferResponse CreateAt w, FileName leName, Message string.catch (Exception ex) ssage new Logger.Create Service not started w, "Error ssage adKey In the FileWatcher_Created file I will take what ever file created and call the put method in the receiver service pass a FileTransferRequest as you can see: / summary / File Watcher when.Alt text g, marc.This error may occur due to many reasons: the reasons might be configuration mismatch between the web server and the WCF service, or an exception raised in the WCF service etc.